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Our Values
To be the Trustee of stakeholders' interest
Adherence to Business ethics
Respect for the individual
  • To be a responsible Corporate Citizen
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Technical Information

Building an electrolytic capacitor

Usually values are indicated in a smaller unit called micro Farad that is one million times smaller. An aluminium electrolytic capacitor is composed of one anode of aluminium foil (or one aluminium foil anode) having a dielectric oxidation on ... . More info..


Electrical characteristics

The rated capacitance, defined at 100 Hz and 20°C, is the capacitance of an equivalent circuit having capacitance and resistance series connected. The value is indicated on the external sleeve, specified in micro Farads ... More info..



With the advancements in aluminium electrolytic capacitor technology, the capacitors used in equipments must have a very long life characteristics and must operate even under severe conditions. A careful choice of a capacitor...More info..


Useful life

The typical useful life represents a period of time until the end of life of the capacitor. The end is caused by different incidents (or different failure modes) such as the... More info..


Guidelines for aluminium electrolytic capacitors

In DC applications polarity is required; if polarity is reversed, the circuit life will be shortened or the capacitor may be damaged. Generally, an intermittent reverse voltage of 1V DC is allowed. If during operation, it is possible that polarity ...More info..


Manufacturing control flow

Kendeil lndfarad Electronics Pvt Ltd (KIEPL) is a joint venture between KENDEIL S.r.l.,Italy and the MEHER Group,India for the manufacture of Aluminium Electrolytic ……More info..


Mounting accessories

• Rings Clips... More info..
• Insulated Hex nuts, Washers... More info..
• Mounting hardware... More info..


Ordering code

• Part number system... More info..
• Capacitors weight table... More info..